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About Me

My Background

by Lala Little aka:LeAnne Westover

I am an Intuitive painter and writer whose colleagues and friends refer to as the ‘Painter of the unseen’.  

My incredibly deep and moving journey of love for the arts began as a small child and has continued to grow steadily through out my life and for this I shall remain forever grateful.   

I cordially invite you to come join me and enter into the creative world of 

Lala Little, where I trust you will find joy and many blessings with each step you take along your way!

Thank you for stopping by,

LeAnne Westover  AKA: Lala Little

My Medium


I do not like to be restricted to a single medium in my artistic processing and creative flow because vision and ideas manifest and reveal in their own individual style as the minds eye interprets. 

My Inspiration


My paintings are intuitively inspired through meditation, life travels and dreams and visions...

Thank you for your inquires and patience...

 Many blessings to you and yours,

Lala Little,

*Please note that this website is currently still under construction and I do thank you for your patience in advance concerning this issue. 

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